About Us

The camp organized by Sancelso has its origins from the Institute of San Celso of Milan.  On the page, “Our History,” you can read (in Italian) our history in the 19thcentury going through key moments in Italy’s modern history.

With enthusiasm and bearing responsibility in mind, as a part of the 3rd and 4th generation of the Asti family, we follow an educational program.  Often our young guests are children or grandchildren of former Sancelso campers, “Sancelsini.”  For us, it is always exciting to meet former campers and relive with them their personal memories and events from long ago.  Since the establishment of the company Sancelso in 2002, the company has worked in tourism with the hotel in Bellamonte (a summer camp in summer and a hotel in the winter) and the vacation house in Castione della Presolana (for groups, sports and cultural associations).

Summer camps at Bellamonte are overseen by Elisabetta Asti, a graduate of Bocconi, and Luca Briccola, PhD in Geology.

Instructional Aims and Methods

We help the children develop self-esteem, talents, abilities, to improve communication and interpersonal relationships because growing up is a continuous evolution made by steps.  It’s not often an easy journey, but it’s always authentic and eventful.

We believe in values which include loyalty, solidarity, respect and sharing.  We offer a serene environment so that the children can experience positive emotions and a schedule with various vacations and a rich balance of stimulus.

Everything actually happens in a unique naturalistic point of view with an exceptional view of the Pale di San Martino in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mountain living 

Living in the mountain gives every camper a complete experience.

You learn how to take in and appreciate the beauty of nature.  How to behave balanced and responsibly in a fascinating environment which isn’t always easy at times.

The “junior” and “senior” explorers have the opportunity to live altogether in an atmosphere of friendship and exciting moments:  the challenges that we present them at times may seem unusual but we always link them to the culture and life of living in the mountains.


Our staff is composed of native English-speaking, CELTA certified teachers, science and physical education teachers, sports trainers, and experienced summer camp counselors all of whom are passionate for the mountains.  There is also an Alpine instructor and a geological expert who supervise the excursion activities and offer the campers complete safety modified to the appropriate level of difficulty based on age and experience of the camper.  The ratio between of camper to counselor is at the most 1 to 10 but for the group of 6 year-old campers, there are 2 counselors per group.  A professional nurse is on-site and available 24/7 as well as the camp counselors.