Activities in Bellamonte Summer 2016


Kids, an electrfying new activity!!  Chiildren/youth 10 years and older can have a paintball adventure!  In Moena this activity has been organized involving a preparation (safety norms and rules of the game), target shooting practice, and a game wwith appropriate/suitable friends.  It’s a game of concentration and coordination, and it’ll be an unforgettable day!


An interesting visit to the Muse, a museum of science of Trento:  an avantegard museumm that recounts/showcases/explains the life on the land and awakens/stirs/bidss/stimulates scientific curiosity and the delight in learning/pleasure of knowledge.  An optional cultural activity.



The secrets and techniques of trapper for living in the natural environment: we are learning how to conduct ourselves with respect and safety in the woods with useful and fun experience for a life outdoors in touch/contact with nature also rediscovering through experience the value of food and **normal everyday objects.  To fillet a fish/clean an animal/dissect an animal/insect?, to start a fire, build a shelter, many unfamiliar/unusual/uncommon outdoor activities for a practical approach to environmental principles/ethics

“To learn more about the environment and to know how to respond makes you more safe.”



This year we are introducing to the campers a different approach to being around horses and becoming familiar with horsemanship utilitizing basic techniques of vaulting to obtain equilibrium and harmony.  The lesson is conducted by a licensed operator in a serene pedagogical context with psychophysical respect to the horse.



We’ll have fun creating an incredible t-shirt utilizing an ancient Indonesian method and more modern methods of dying fabric.  We will speak about the meaning of the colors and shapes to realize a t-shirt really ours and unique.


Hello, teens!  Here is a program organized for you!  But first of all we put a question to you:  if it would be possible to become more athletic, sporty, and self-confident, creative, and irresistibly nice, would you like that?

There is our formula:

  • Hiking to the summit of Lagorai
  • Technical survival with building and walking across a Tibetan bridge
  • Orienteering competitions
  • Sports, sports, and more team sports
  • Very little use of your mobile
  • Keeping your room clean and tidy
  • Creative workshops of cinema, photography, and arts and crafts
  • Planning a party (organize invitations, games and activities, music, preparation of snacks or the final pasta party
  • Solidarity, friendship, loyalty, communication, sharing and cooperating, self-discipline, relationships, mutual respect

Oh, and we almost forgot! The activities go also in the event of bad weather and always with a smile! ;)



With the collaboration and presence of a rock instructor and geologist, we will get to know the mountain environment, orientation, weather, rigging and proper equipment and then plan daily trips in different settings putting in practice techniques learned for moving around safely in the mountain environment.  We will participate in a treasure hunt of a world-wide scale through where the participants use GPS to hide and seek containers hidden in a special place in the middle of nature. We will stage/set up in the woods several infrared trail cameras, activated by movement, to immortalize wild animals crossing the trail.


Spending a night with friends in a chalet or tent is indeed a unique experience accessible to everyone.  With our experience and presence and with your collaboration, we will think of everything:  there is a lot to do and learn for a really special experience.  Where can you start a fire and which wood can you use?  How should stack the wood?  And when the embers are incandescent, when do you use the grill or the pan?  Meat, vegetables, and fragrant herbs, sauces, and crepes


If you are older than 10 and if you like it, you can try the exciting descent rafting down a part of the Avisio River in complete safety and provided for equipment (helmets, life preserver, wetsuit, shoes, paddle)along with the instructors of the Avisio Rafting Society in Cavalese.

For the older ones, there will be the thrilling experience of swimming in moving water and crossing under the waterfall of Cavalese.   An unforgettable experience and achievement!



We will have the possibility to experience a really special adventure park.  It’s managed by Avisio Park located the village of Masi di Cavalese, on the slopes of Cermis, a mountain in the Lagorai group.  It’s a park equipped with courses of a variety of levels of difficulty that allows movement between the ropes, poles, and suspended bridges.

We will see nature by other exciting views:  various routes of up to 12 meters high while always staying in complete safety harnessed and hooked to steel cables.  We will conclude the adventure by crossing a 100-meter cableway over the beautiful Avisio River.



In collaboration with the Ziano di Fiemme Archers, we can devote our instinctive shooting selves to target archery on an archery range with 5 multi-colored target faces.  For the more experienced archers, there is also the possibility of a more challenging course set-up with 3-dimensional, fixed, and mobile targets.

The course is delivered by federal instructors, and all of the necessary equipment will be provided.



Sports activities constitute an important element every day in Bellamonte.

Sports are rediscovered here in a natural and spontaneous way with educational and pedagogical dimensions yet also in a playful, teambuilding*(my idea), and competitive manner that often seems lost.   Basketball, tennis, soccer/football, baseball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, and movement games for the younger ones are all played in the superb surroundings of Bellamonte and its incredible scenery.  The breathtaking backdrop gives an element of poetry that makes these sports unforgettable.  


Eddie, a magnificent Bernese mountain dog, and 2 beautiful Shetland ponies, Joy and Lulù, will be our friends to brush and bring on our lovely walks in the green meadows and the enchanting woods of Bellamonte.  It’s educational to observe them, understand their emotions, to recognize their needs, and grasp their responses especially to have the ability to understand the relationship between humans and animals.  It will be useful to talk about the body language and how to be kind, calm and level-headed.




Six kilometers from Bellamonte, we find Parco di Paneveggio, a “corner of paradise in the Dolomites of eastern Trentino” with 2700 hectares of centuries-old fir and larch trees, called the “Forest of Violins” for its quality of Norway Spruce trees always used for the construction of musical instruments.  We will also find towering, white faces of the Dolomites, vertical precipices, red porphyry, an igneous rock consisting of large-grained crystals dispersed in groundmass, impenetrable walls, ravines carved by rushing torrents, rolling pastures, and flowery meadows.  We will visit the park to see the forest, water, rocks, flowers, animals, mushrooms, meadows, lakes, to find the little things that go unnoticed, the shapes and colors of nature, animal tracks, listening to the voices of the forest, the sound of water, rustling wind, and the scents and fragrance of the forest to get accustomed to the silence and movement of nature.


Click here for the interactive guide to the flora of the park.




Also this year, we will participate the  “Living Naturally in Bellamonte Parks ” organized by the Val di Fiemme Tourist Bureau (APT Val di Fiemme):  many activities and guided tours utilizing the integrated system of eco-compatible instruction and mobility.


Sustainable mobility; leave no trace.



Excitement (theme parties, preparing for the shows, clowns, make-up, interactive games, debut on stage, karaoke, dancing) and at the end of the vacation a great Western barbeque with bonfire and music.  In case of inclement weather, we’ll suggest going to the pool, ice-skating, do-it-yourself arts and crafts, such as woodworking, leather bracelets, little lead soldiers, coat of arms with salt dough, flower pressing, cartoons and comics).  Moreover we will discuss different alternative energies and uses and then assemble solar energy toys.